About Us

ajp-311Serving the most powerful city in the U.S., it is a privilege to be among an exceptional group of Washington DC companies, supplying newlyweds, planners, and photographers with immaculate, one-of-a-kind vintage rentals!

After searching through the infinite and interminable depths of the vast, sparsely inhabited forests called . . . well . . . okay . . . after searching on Google, we found there were minimal companies offering vintage rentals in the area. If a bride wanted a shabby, rustic, charming look in her photo shoot or wedding, she had to buy all her desired pieces at retail price, only to store them in the basement of her home after the wedding.

We developed because we understand your need for space in your home (or your parent’s home) and even speculate that you need to devote your precious time to the finer things in life; so we have eliminated the task of driving to estate sales, flying thru flea markets, and wagoning merchandise at antique fairs–as all the local newlyweds had to do before you. While deleting those unmelodious tasks from your list, we have complied the area’s most delightfully charming, most meticulously selected, and most originally hip collection, guaranteeing any wedding or event to be uniquely yours.

Wait . . . Excited, but still cannot spare any of that precious time? No worries! We can style your photo shoot or design your event to help enliven your creative vision and actualize your long-lived dreams. If your fantastic vision is BIG; if your monumental dream is BIG; then you need a BIG vintage collection that speaks VOLUMES on your BIG day. Is the word choice too expressively BIG? Then remember – even a small touch can make a huge impact in perception, so don’t forget the small details we offer, too.

RVR is a full-service company dedicated to your happiness, your blissful memories, and your unconditional love for us (and your soul mate, too)!